Thursday, February 7, 2013

Starting Off

I am K. and I will be one of your writers for this evening.

I was conducting a study at a comic book shop when I stumbled upon the realization of gender in the gamer subculture. I didn’t mean to find it, or try to find it, but it was certainly brought up. I knew about it before, but for the longest time I just brushed it off. Over time, outside of the comic shop it came up more often, which was strange seeing as how those more involved in the subculture should have recognized the gender discrepancies more so than those looking in. Or not, as it would seem.  But I took that itching little idea in my head, the one that told me something was wrong and had been wrong for a while, and found a group of women who had a similar state of mind. Now, we, the women gamers, want to take a look at how women, girls, or females in general are portrayed in multiple ‘geek’ subculture staples, such as video games and comics.  I am proud of myself for this, and my fellow gamers here, for stepping up to the plate and taking on a problem that irks us from a part of our lives we generally enjoy.

Topics here will be covered by several writers and span several topics, so enjoy and I hope anyone who reads these posts will come away a little more knowledgeable about women in games, comics, and more.


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